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Love photos

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 04/04/2007

Panayote Dimitra’s from the most excellent Greek Helsinki Monitor, (link to be found under Misc on your right), sent me some photos on racism in Greece which carried so much love inside them so I thought it was a waste not to share them! :D

He also posted them as a reply in a post of mine dealing with my first encounter with racism, kindly published by DeviousDiva – check this one out, too.

Death to jews Death to jews!

Death to Turks The only good Turk is a dead Turk

And this a hiphop song that circulates in schools and is promoted by the xenofobic party LAOS. It contains anti-albanian, anti-pakistani, anti-immigrant and generally anti- stuff. I’m gonna post the english translation that Craig supplied, he’s an english teacher in Greece and confirmed that many kids are familiar with this song. :(

“Good morning Greece
F**k Albania.
We gave them food
and a Greek education
All the Albanian kids take up school places
and the Greek kids can’t get into college
They shouldn’t stay

I don’t care if they go hungry
It bugs me they way they smell
It bugs me they way how they talk
They should go, they should leave
Let them go to hell
There are Greeks who want to work, to eat

Good morning Greece
Vote for laws now
No to Albanians
No to illegal aliens
Look at Greece for a while and your children
Albanian, go to hell, there’s where you belong.

May you outlive me, Greece
and wipe “them” out
When they knock, close the door
I don’t want coffee or orangeade at the tolls
We have the Iliad
and they have nothing

Greece, sorry if you want me
to change my mind
But You too have to learn to love
Stop labouring against me
and kidding me
Don’t scatter my dreams, Greece

Good morning, Greece
You and your Pakistanis
Because of the Muslims, You don’t give a damn about Christians and
They want to build them mosques
and you fancy that
Sorry, poor little Greece
but you’re just jerking off
Mr Minister, Mr MPs
and you wa***er, f**ing Albanian
Didn’t I tell you to f**k off?
I don’t give a flying f**k about you
Since I voted for you, serves me right, Greece means

“Fatherland, family, church”

F**k Albanians
F**k Albania
I’m not a racist
Just a Greek
I feel superior to everyone
and sure I am
We had the Parthenon
when they lived in caves
We wore togas
when they wore sheep skins
We had Alexander
Leonidas and Peraklis
when they were barefoot and illiterate

Greece, forgive me if you
want me to change my mind
but you too need to learn to love
your kids, Greece

Stop labouring against me
and kidding me
Don’t scatter my dreams, Greece”

I just wanted to add that the problem isn’t simply the circulation of such stuff. Hate speech circulates in all parts of the world and unfortunately is a plight we all must fight. The problem is that, in Greece, this isn’t perceived as a phenomenon that needs to be eradicated. People are way too tolerant when facing hate speech and cases are that the offended party ends up getting accused that it creates trouble! Which teacher will dare confiscate such a CD and not have a pair of angry parents screaming over him, not even understanding what their kid did wrong? Such a situation must change; zero tolerance on intolerance!


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