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The new Thessaloniki Metro and the Jewish Cemetery Station

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 05/01/2008

As you all know a new subway is currently being build in Thessaloniki.

excavationsAt the same time many witnesses have reported that part of the jewish cemetery has been unearthed by the excavations. Argos has posted twice about in, (in greek) in «Oh, a necropolis» , «Continuing on the necropolis» where the photo on your left origins from.

On a greek forum dedicated to the subway readers have reported that workers in the cemetery the reader was seeing was the jewish one.

Argos didn’t hesitate to point out how local media downplayed the find and remained positively vague about the subject. Reading all these worried me but then I noticed a paragraph in the Attiko Metro’s, (the company that is responsible for the construction), webpage:

ATTIKO METRO S.A. in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture shall display the most significant archaeological finds of the Project in especially configured areas in the central stations of the network. Therefore, the benefit from the construction of the Project shall be double for the city of Thessaloniki: speed, safety, comfort and reliability using the best public transportation mode and invaluable knowledge about our cultural heritage.

Could I make a suggestion then? That the Metro, the new subway be a means to increment the knowledge of Thessalonicean’s about their own city? Wouldn’t be a respectful touch to name the subway station of Panepistimio as Jewish Cemetery Station? Or if this is impossible then the station of Panepistimio be dedicated, through photos and tombstones which still lie around, to the cemetery which lies underneath it, (or above it if the metro indeed will dig farther down to avoid further trouble by the cemetery)?

Don’t you think that a permanent and extensive photo exhibition would be the correct way of facing it’s past? Would it be this difficult to accept that the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki is exactly this: of Thessaloniki and make it’s cemetery a part of all Thesalonicean’s past?

This photo comes form the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki and depicts and old woman searching for a tomb.
I chose it because the name of the photo is «Looking for the tomb» which I felt that was
appropriate and depicting accurately the state that the inhabitants of Thessaloniki, jews and christians alike,
feel towards this issue. Let’s hope they find it…

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