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Jews and the Twin Towers by tuki8eblom

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 11/01/2008

fiddler on the roofI would be ungrateful if I didn’t admit that through this site I’ve had the chance to be wonderfully surprised by many people who seem to have the sheer recklessness to go against the mainstream views here in Greece. One of these people is touki8eblom, affectionately known as touki.

On this particular occasion the article that grasped my attention was a small but well documented essay on the widely spread myth that jews, (or Mossad, the israeli Secret Service), were responsible for 9/11. The rumor has it that 2-3-4-5.000 jews working in the World Trade Center were «alerted» and failed to show up that day for work; ergo jews knew about it or even organised it. This rumor began by a couple of  arab newspapers, was propagated by Al-Mannar which is Hezbollah’s TV station and picked up eventually by a couple of israeli newspapers as «evidence» of arab hysteria.

Al-Bayan (UAE), September 11, 2007.Until this moment we do not have anything really spectacular, just another story of propaganda that ends up backfiring on it’s authors. But here is where the fun begins… The leader of the racist LAOS party Y.Karatzaferis asks the greek Foreign Affairs Minister if he’s aware of the fact and asks that he should «inform his european counterparts». Ok, maybe he got delirious, maybehe was just serving the needs of his racist clientele. The problem is that nobody seems to object to the question while at the same time the «discovery» of the presumably missing jews appears on many mainstream newspapers and many panelists in TV don’t hesitate to express it. We shouldn’t fail to note that many public figures like MP’s from Nea Dimokratia Chaitidis or Communist Party’s Chourmouziadis didn’t hesitate to adopt these views.

So it wasn’t really strange that various polls showed that an important slice of greeks believe in the jewish finger with percentages varying from 7% to 40% !

Anyway enjoy his post in greek which rebukes this myth with facts; a myth which I believe will become an all-favourite of mr.Karatzaferis similes! At the same time take a look in IosPress reportage on the matter which concentrates mainly in the course of the myth in the greek media.

Again kudos to touki, πράγματι εξαιρετικό ποστ!

Touki8eblom’s Post on jews and 9/11 «Our invisible antisemitism» (Ο αόρατος αντισημιτισμός μας)

IosPress on jews and 9/11 (Η Μαύρη Διεθνής των τερατολόγων) greek

3 Σχόλια προς “Jews and the Twin Towers by tuki8eblom”

  1. Hi, Abravanel, have you read this: http://www.davlos.gr/pdf/21742.pdf ?
    It is an article on the teaching of the Holocaust history in greek schools and it was published in the Davlos magazine.

  2. Abravanel said

    I can’t really say that I’m an avid reader of Davlos so thanks for pointing it out. Did you expect anything else from them? It is their policy to make appear the cristian religion as a jewish plot – they are no different of fascists calling out for the jewish communism or the communists calling out for the jewish controlled capitalism or the fanatic christians fearful of the jewish massonry or a hundred other cheerful guys who find a jewish involvement even when their milk in the fridge goes acid.

  3. I am well aware of the Davlos’ antisemitic and anti-christian views. They are so provocative that they seem to be begging for attention. :)
    I would like to expose my views on two big groups of antisemites in Greece; there are those who oppose Christianism because they think that there is a jewish anti-Greek plot lying beneath Christianity and on the other hand there are the Christians (mostly nationalists) who hate Jews as well. The second group is the oldest and the largest one.

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