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How macedonian are YOU?

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 21/04/2008

via agit prop!


MacTest™ is a novel product for selective genetic profiling (SGP). Its target audience is the individual from the Balkan region who is tormented by financial and social insecurity, lack of meritocracy, discrimination, political corruption and puppet statesmen. The MacTest™ product user can find the definitive answer to all their problems at once, by constructing a solid genetic identity with links to a glorious, imperial past.

MacTest™ works by instantly performing fluorescent in situ hybridism (FISHy) specific for the HLA-DRB1 alleles1 on the patient’s genetic material. It works equally well with unprocessed blood or urine samples, and the user may conveniently perform the test at their premises, without any need for special laboratory equipment.

With all the fuss about the name Macedonia and who has the right to use it, Greece or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia I decided to see where do I stand. Thanks to nikos I contacted a small company specializing in genetic tests which would prove whether I, too, can lay claim on Macedonia.

This is the site of the company is responsible for the MacTest. The results were…


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