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Burning jews…with a vengeance!

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 23/04/2008

at KinoyriaA year ago we had dealt with the evergreen folk custom of «The Burning of Judas/Jew» – «Το Κάψιμo του Ιούδα/Οβριού».

Anyway a year passed, yet again nothing changed and yet again the only time anyone took notice was only when the State Department published it’s yearly report on religious freedom which reported the protests of the Greek Jewish Community. So I thought it would be rude not to re-propose the same article also this year. :)

Let’s go again though the salient points of last year:

  1. The custom was an occasion for antisemitic outbursts during Easter.
  2. These outbursts happened in all of Greece, including Asia Minor greek communities, Thessaloniki, Crete and the islands of the Aegean like Hydra or of Ionio like Corfu.
  3. This is according to the Metropolite Anthimos a pagan custom and not a christian one and should stop.
  4. The Catholic Church at Syros banished it because of the violence it procured, despite the people wanting it to continue.
  5. University professors like F.Abatzopoulou agree that the «Burning of Judas» is the «most familiar and widespread manifestation of traditional anti-Semitism in Greece.»
  6. The National Tourism Organization is proud of the custom and continues to promote it in various web sites.
  7. Various elementary schools are proud to teach small children how one can burn Judas/Jew.
  8. The Regional Directorship of the Primary Education in Thessaly, is happy to offer easter carols that tell the children how to «burn the Jew» and talk about «damned jews». (By the way in the meantime let’s also talk about how the gipsies supplied the nails with which Jesus was crucified).
  9. The Holy Synod of the Greek Church considers this custom to «incite to religious hatred» and «foster fanatism» and condemned it inqequivoabilly in encyclicals in 1891, 1910 and 1918. (Strangely it has failed to do so recently but that’s another story).
  10. The Jewish Community has officially Metropolites like the one of Hydra to voice their dissent, (and they have refused to).

So unless the Greek Church was taken over by zionists that wanted Greece to appear evil, it has asked that Greek Orthodox Christians should refrain from the Burning of Judas/ Jew/ Niger because it is contrary to the religion and an antisemitic act of fanatism. If someone sees an american conspiracy of the State Department please check with the Holy Synod of the Church and ask if it was erroded by zionists back in 1891, (the year of the pogrom and the blood libel in Corfu), when not even zionism was even founded!

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