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May 17th, Day against Homophobia

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 17/05/2008

The 17th of May is the Day against Homophobia. I didn’t know about it but thanks to e-lawyer’s post I managed not to miss it. There isn’t much sense about me commenting on it since he has a very nice article stating the rights deriving the Principles of Yogyakarta for people of all sexual and gender orientations, (in greek).

Let me only stress the need to acknowledge that the problem first derives from us and any legal remedies are only the beginning of a long process that aims at rendering society a bit more tolerant. Hopefully there shall come a time when there shall be no need to have Days against Homophobia or Antisemitism but I’m afraid we’re a long time off.

Since I’m on it, I’d also like to point the attention on a couple of banners on the column on the right. One is on Athens Pride which this year will take place on June 7th and another one supporting the institution of Civil Marriage for all persons in Greece, independently of their sexual orientation.

e-lawyer / Yogyakarta Principles / Council Of Europe on the Day against Homophobia

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