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Today’s Sunday, wanna go to the yousouroum?

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 25/05/2008

Each Sunday athenians and tourists flock to the famous Flea Market of Monastiraki in the heart of Athens, affectiοnatelly called «yousouroum«/ «γιουσουρούμ«, (alternate spellings in english: yiusurum/ giousouroum). Originally the term «yousouroum» was limited to Avissinias Square which was the traditional area of the old-curiosity shop dealers; it was used to describe both the old-curiosity market and the square itself. This fleamarket became so famous in Greece that the term «yousouroum» has come to be an accepted term to symbolize any fleamarket or bazaar in all of Greece. The term is so popular that, even though it is considered a folk term, it is used today in important newspapers or even at meetings of town councils discussing the institution of fleamarkets. The fleamarket of Avisinias Square although it has expanded to the whole Monastiraki area, it is still referred today by athenians as Yousouroum. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

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