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Going on vacations…

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 02/08/2008

Real greeks don’t blog on August – if they blog they are not greeks, simple as that. Therefore with your permission I’ll will be off for a week or two (or three if they paycheck from the Mossad is real good), to enjoy my greek summer!

I’ll bid you goodbye with a video that I stole from Diagoras, (via toomanytribles&demetrios).

Καλές διακοπές!

9 Σχόλια προς “Going on vacations…”

  1. Αγησιλαος Φατσαφετσουλας said

    Φιλτατε Χαβραβανελ,

    Να σου ευχηθω και γω καλες διακοπες και καλη επανοδο στην φιλοξενη γη των οικοδεσποτων σου.
    Επι τη ευκαιρια, σου επισυναπτω για να διαβασης εκει που θα πας, και τη γνωμη μιας φιλανθρωπου κυριας η οποια θα σε βοηθησει παρα-πολυ στην περισυλλογη σου και στα ερωτηματικα σου.
    Η μαρτυρια της ειναι αυθεντικη οπως την κατεγραψε το μαγνητοφωνο μου.

  2. plagal said

    Καλες διακοπες μαν! :-)

    Και μην ξεχαστεις, ε? Εχεις να διαβασεις το κατεβατο του Φατσαφετσουλα μολις γυρισεις. Μη σου πω να το παρεις μαζι να το διαβασεις στην παραλια.

  3. itelli said

    Wait! The Jews have a role in pornography??? U mean, it’s not just Adam Glasser???? Sweet Jeebus, this is actually gonna make me pro-Jewish, if anything.

    Καλές διακοπές.

  4. Xenos said

    You are just ridiculous, Agisilaos. Of course, there are half and quarter (or less) truths in some of what you have written. The fact is that no history is free of manipulation (by all parties) and most people outside of the USA agree that the treatment of the Palestinians is a holocaust in itself and one of the several disgraceful events associated with the United Nations [League of Nations]. Apart from the specific disaster of precisely how the state of Israel came into being (which is the fault of the USA and Britain), your description of Jewish people could be applied to almost any group. This means, simply, that you are anti-semitic, since you apply different standards for judging Jewish people than you do for others (Greeks, for example).

  5. plagal said

    Actually, the best part of the text is where it says:

    It is mostly they, who push for race mixing and miscegenation, knowing full well that it would eventually lead to those of white European descent being minorities in their own countries and the eventual extermination of white European DNA.

    Go White Power, Go!!

  6. plagal said

    Ωραιο το βιντεακι, αλλα πολυ αρχαιο πνευμα αθανατο βρε αδερφε…

  7. Sky said

    Καλές διακοπές και προπαντώς μην ανοίξεις τον ρημάδη τον Η/Υ πριν το Σεπτέμβρη.

  8. Αγησιλαος Φατσαφετσουλας said

    this just in:

    Εγκυροτατες πηγες που θελουν να διατηρησουν την ανωνυμιαν τους, μας επληροφορησαν πριν απο λιγο οτι’
    ο Χαβραβανελ δεν θα γυριση πισω. Βρηκε γκομενα στη Ροδο.

  9. Abravanel said

    Thanks for the wishes – it was fun until it lasted!

    ps. plagal I wanted to prepare you for a new Jewish attack on our culture – stay tuned!

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