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Infamous D.Liakopoulos strikes a deal with Antenna TV

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 20/08/2008

For some time now it has been rumored that Dimosthenis Liakopoulos, a TV salesman specializing in selling apocryphistic books – full of conspiracy theories, «Hellenic Truth» and good ol’anti-jewish hate speech, was close in making the leap from the tenths of small local TV stations where he currently appears to a big national TV channel.

Well it’s now a fact: the man who created a ludicrous parallel mythology where the greek race of the El fights against the zionist Nefelim & contemporaneously warns us of the evil Satan-induced zionism, appears regularly in Antenna TV whose ratings place him first or second place among national tv stations. Information (1, 2 in Cyprous also) says that he’ll manage the 2am-4am zone of the station with complete editorial freedom, but as the picture shows he has already began.

I would like to clear one thing: Antenna TV is not performing anything illegal – it is a private TV station which aims in making money and D.Liakopoulos is completely free in circulating his ideas. But the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the Press is not the shield which allows the Press to avoid criticism; in this case Antenna TV has every legal right to sell air-time to D.Liakopoulos but also I have every right to consider this decision as hateful and deeply troubling. I do not think that the political views of Antenna have anything to do with the decision and clearly reject the notion that this decision is based on any kind of anti-jewish prejudice. But the fact that Mr.Liakopoulos appears regularly in small national channel Makedonia TV, also owned by Antenna TV, makes me wonder on the limits Antenna TV has or if indeed the owner of Antenna, Mr.Kyriakou – president of the Greek Olympic Committee, is in agreement with views which are chauvinistic…

I wonder: would Antenna TV sell air-time to a Mr.Dimitras denouncing civil rights violations? I sincerely doubt it, given the systematic denial to report on Human and Civil Rights violations in Greece, eg the most important judicial case of last year – the conviction of neo-nazi Mr.Plevris. Then why does he allow D.Liakopoulos to promote nationalism and lies? Is the money this important in allowing him to drag the station in his fantasy world where blatant antisemitism is one of it’s major characteristics?

Whether D.Liakopoulos continues his shows on Antenna TV is not what truly troubles me – it is the growing popularity of the conspiracy theories and the lack of opposition by the civil society. Another tele-evangelist, K.Velopoulos even became a parliamentarian for extreme-right, populistic LAOS party.  Is D.Liakopoulos only a clown that many picture him to be? Is it unlikely that his antisemitic views on the Jews find their way in prime-time national TV in a year or two? While many laugh at Mr.Liakopoulos and make fun of him, and God only knows how ridiculous his views are, he has managed to thrive and he is not that far away from becoming mainstream – one could claim that he is the living example of the deterioration of greek public speech and triumph of conspirationalism. And if you think that I’m exaggerating let me remind you that recently the ruling party’s (Nea Dimokratia) MP Yakumatos accused Prime Minister Simitis of being the «Arch-Priest of Judaism«, while LAOS party-leader Mr.Karatzaferis openly praised inside the Greek Parliament the divinative powers of the notoriously antisemitic book The Protocols of the Elders of Zions – all this without a single person rising to condemn them.

I do not advocate or demand stopping his program because he advances antisemitic views – this would be wrong – but I do believe that democratic citizens should create a moral consensus that hate speech is not wanted in Greece. The media must understand that they are free to promote whichever ideology they want but they shall be judged according to their editorial policy and the message it conveys – in this case I can only deduct that Antenna TV is indifferent to antisemitism and has no problem promoting it. I simply hope that Antenna TV decides to stop transmitting his shows not because they fear negative publicity but because they actually think it over and decide that Mr.Liakopoulos is not in line with their editorial policy and ethics.

ps. Let’s not forget that D.Liakopulos is responsible for the first blogger trial in Greece, bringing to trial an RSS aggregator (!) because it reproduced the feed from funEL blog. More on the subject on the site of the accused – other opinions in nicolas manie, Jungle report, λαπουτα, Jim.

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  1. Ένας υποτιθέμενος Ελ said

    Έλεος – τι άλλο θα δουν τα μάτια μας. Ελπίζω να φάνε αρκετό κράξιμο ώστε να του δώσουν πόδι σύντομα.

  2. Xenos said

    When I first saw this guy on Makedonia tv I thought it was a comedy programme, mocking the nationalistic crap being broadcast on other channels. When I realised it was SERIOUS…

    I suppose, it is a joke being played on all of Greece. What a pity that nobody finds it amusing.

  3. jim_hellas said

    I hope all this is just a bad joke, although the news are not surprising at all. As you said, Makedonia TV is owned by Antena TV and Liakopoulos’ shows are on air every single day during the last 4-5 years (or even more). This is just the next step. Antena, as a private company, wants to maximize the profit even by promoting such extreme and contradictive tv-personas as the bookseller, author, physicist, journalist etc mr. Liakopoulos.

    My question is if this is the second step for mr.Liakopoulos, what would be the third one. Maybe a night «talk-show» similar to mr. Hardavelas show «Τα μονοπάτια του ανεξήγητου»?

    Εμπρός για τον νέο Μεσαίωνα που έρχεται!

  4. Τράβηξα με το βίντεο της φωτογραφικής μηχανής μια εκπομπή του Λιακόπουλου στον ΑΝΤ1 με κράχτη τον Πανίκα – ένας είναι ο Πανίκας. Κάποια στιγμή θα το ανεβάσω.

  5. Sky said

    Evangelatos – Liakopoulos – Πανίκας = Τρίλιζα!

    JAGOff: Το βίντεο σε παρακαλώ να το ανεβάσεις σύντομα.

  6. Abravanel said

    @ JustAnotherOneGoneOff:
    Και εγώ την είδα την εκπομπή εκείνη – πρέπει να την παίζει κυκλικά σε μακεδονία tv,αντεννα κτλ. Ανέβασε την ωστε να μην υπάρχει αμφιβολία για το ποιόν του κ.Ψωμιάδη.

    Does anybody know in how many channels he has appeared insofar? Friends have told me he appears in Antenna TV, Makedonia TV, TeleCity (in the past before renamed to ΤηλεΑστυ), Ερμής TV, Best TV…
    In Wikipedia there is a photo of him in Alter TV but I don’t know if it was a show or he appeared as guest.

    Again I repeat that tin-foil TV persona exist in all countries – what is baffling in Greece is that their ideas are incorporated in the collective subconscious, e.g. the Greek Parliament incidents I mentioned before.

  7. john papathansiou said



  8. Servitoros said

    The number of tv channels could be over 10. Liakopoulos as Velopoulos did it before use tv stations as distribution channels, Best TV is a regional channel in Thessaloniki, while Telecity was a regional channel in Athens. Liakopoulos produces his show in one channel (i think it is Best TV) and then distributes the tapes in various regional channels around Greece (although i think that his cover stops in Athens and does not include the Islands) which show his progamme taped in order to increase sales. Don’t forget that Liakopoulos is first of all an experienced marketing expert rather than a nationalist nutjob.

  9. john papathansiou said


    nitro & klik ΚΑΙ ΣΤΟ ΤΣΑΚΙΡ ΚΕΦΙ ΑΝΟΙΧΤΕ ΚΑΙ ΤΟ mary clair

    nitro & klik ΚΑΙ ΣΤΟ ΤΣΑΚΙΡ ΚΕΦΙ ΑΝΟΙΧΤΕ ΚΑΙ ΤΟ mary clair

    Χμμ, εγώ διαβάζω από Παπαρρηγόπουλο μέχρι Richard Dawkins, απορρίπτομαι;

  11. stinathina said

    Το φαινόμενο Λιακόπουλου είναι κατά την γνώμη μου πολύ πιο σημαντικό και ενδεικτικό απ’ όσο λέγεται. Γι’ αυτό, νομίζω, οι αντιδράσεις που θέλουν αυτός ο λόγος να παύσει ή να ελεγχθεί είναι άστοχες. Αντίδραση πρέπει να υπάρχει αλλά με μέτρο διότι όπως όλες οι ακραίες αυτοκαταστροφικές θέσεις έτσι κι αυτές που πρεσβεύει ο κος Λιακόπουλος δικαιώνονται και επιζητούν να διώκονται. Δεν θέλω να δώσω παραδείγματα διότι σέβομαι την ευαισθησία του οικοδεσπότη και θα έμοιαζε σαν εξυπνάδα, οπότε…
    Να προτείνω μόνο μια άλλη οπτική. Σ’ έναν πολιτισμό που θέλησε να καταργήσει τον μύθο αυτός (ο μύθος) επανέρχεται με τους πλέον σπασμωδικούς ακατανόητους και αυτοκαταστροφικούς τρόπους. Εν μέρει τα φαινόμενα αυτά αποτελούν δείκτες ζωτικότητας, δεν είναι απολύτως αρνητικά. Το ότι ο Κος Λιακόπουλος παράγει μύθο αυτό υποδηλώνει μια ανάγκη (και ένα κενό αν θέλεται)που πρέπει να καλυφθεί με τρόπο πιο ουσιαστικό από άλλους, διακυβεύονται βασικά και ζωτικά ζητούμενα. Τότε οι Λιακόπουλοι θα χάσουν την δυναμη τους φυσικά κι άκοπα όπως συμβαίνει σε όλες τις συγκρούσεις περιεχομένου. Ο εν λόγω κύριος έχω ακούσει από άνθρωπο που δούλεψε μαζί του στα πρώτα του βήμματα πως δεν πιστεύει όσα λέει, το οποίο (απλούστατα λόγω ιδιοσυγκρασίας) δυσκολεύομαι ακόμα να το πιστέψω. Τέλος πάντων έννοιες όπως αυτή του Έθνους και ανάγκες όπως αυτή της προοπτικής μέσα στην ιστορία την προσωπική και την συλλογική πρέπει να μελετηθούν εκ νέου, ώστε να γίνουν γόνιμες, αλλιώς θα τις παραχώνουμε και θα προκαλούν καρκίνους. Εδώ, επίσης, χρειαζόμαστε καλλιτέχνες διότι ο περί ου ο λόγος είναι ένας παραμυθάς-ρήτωρ-περφόρμερ. Ο ανώδυνος λόγος περί δικαιωμάτων του δυτικού μας κόσμου θέλει πολύ δουλειά διότι έχει κι αυτός, σαν ανθρώπινο κατασκεύασμα, αντιφάσεις και ζητά διαρκώς αναθεωρήσεις. Αν επικεντρωθούμαι στον εν λόγω κύριο θα χάσουμε την μπάλα και θα δικαιωθούμε μέσα στην υστερία και τις «δικαιολογίες», αυτά, νομίζω, δε βοηθούν απλώς ανακουφίζουν. Σας φιλώ.

  12. john papathansiou said

    Πολλή κουλτούρα για το τίποτα !!

    Ισως και να νομίζετε οτι ο Λιακόπουλος είναι ο Αδωνης Γεωργιάδης ,
    ο οποίος ΝΑΙ είναι έθνικιστής και δεν βλέπει παραπάνω απο την μύτη του.
    Κανείς σας δεν μπαίνει στην ουσία των όσων λέει ο Λιακόπουλος και αντί όλων αυτών μιλάτε για άρτους και θεάματα.
    Η έρευνα..ακόμα και των μύθων δεν είναι κάτι κακό (ιδιαίτερα όταν
    αυτούς τους..μύθους λες οτι μπορείς να τους αποδείξεις)
    Εκκλησία έχω να πάω χρόνια και αντιπαθώ τους παπάδες. Δεν γίνεται
    όμως να μην ακούω αυτά που είπαν η λένε κάποιοι φωτισμένοι γέροντες.
    Κάνεις δεν σας ζητά να πάψετε να πιστεύετε αυτά που πιστεύετε.
    Σταματήστε,όμως να χλευάζετε και αρχίστε να σκέφτεστε το » πίστευε και ερεύνα »
    …Εγώ δεν σας φιλώ γιατί δεν σας ξέρω !!! (χιούμορ )

  13. Ellinas said

    You are bloody fools if you consider that Liakopoulos is actually a real threat to jews or jewism in my country. It’s really quite troubling how retards like yourself abravel want freedom of speech and democracy and on the other hand can’t hear anyone say his opinion if that opinion does not suit them.

  14. Abravanel said

    @ stinathina:
    Γι’ αυτό, νομίζω, οι αντιδράσεις που θέλουν αυτός ο λόγος να παύσει ή να ελεγχθεί είναι άστοχες.

    I do not want him to be legally restrained but that doesn’t mean I should enjoy him getting nation-wide coverage and enjoy the «status» that a mainstream station like Antenna gives him. I understand what you try to say but I think that by allowing antisemitic speech to become part of the mainstream establishment we’re creating the base for dire consequences, ie now some mock Liakopoulos but when they start seeing him in a TV station that they have associated as «serious», they’ll begin taking him serious – maybe not immediately but soon. Then it will take only a pretext to arrive to situations like the ones witnessed in the beginnings of thi decade.

    @ Ellinas
    D.Liakopoulos as a person does not pose a physical threat to the Jewish Community but he helps creating a climate where fear and conspiracy theories reign. This climate is then exploited by populists who blame Jews for everything – take a look at the examples from the Greek Parliament, not some cafè. Politicians like Mr.Karatzaferis or Mrs.Papariga do pose a threat to the Jewish Community of Greece, thanks to their ardent followers and lack of moderation.

    By the way it is ludicrous and offensive to talk that I advocate limiting freedom of speech because I wonder if hate-speech and antisemitism have a place in Greek TV. It is not a «difference in opinion» if Greeks came from the UFO and the Jews destroyed the Twin Towers – it is plain stupidity mixed with blatant hate. In any case let’s not forget of how much airtime does any Human Rights Group or any non-orthodox religion has in Greece: 0 (zero) – how much airtime does D.Liakopoulos has: tenths of thousands in local and national stations; he is maybe the TV-persona who currently appears in most channels in Greek TV.

    But noooo, it’s the bad Jews who wish to shut him up…

  15. stinathina said

    @abravanel Προφανώς δεν εννοούσα εσάς διότι είσαστε σαφής αγαπητέ! Η τοποθέτηση είναι γενική.

    @john papathnsiou Δεν νομίζω να κατάλαβες μία, άμα λάχει ναούμε… Πρώτον ο μύθος δεν είναι κάτι άκυρο, κουτό ή αναξιο σεβασμού. Κάθε άλλο, αν ξαναδιαβάσεις το κακογραμμένο (προφανώς αφού κατάλαβες τα αντίθετα) ποστ μου ίσως το δεις, ίσως πάλι όχι. Όσο για τα άλλα σοφά και σταράτα που λες: εσύ έχεις χρόνια να πας στην εκκλησία εγώ ήμουν εκεί αυτή την Κυριακή αλλά αυτό δεν έχει καμία σημασία με το θέμα. Δεν αρκεί να λες μαγικές λέξεις κουμπάκια όπως «γέροντας» «Ορθοδοξία» «Σιονιστές» για να λες σωστά πράγματα. Όταν ο λόγος σου είναι πονηρός και δεν εχει θεολογία δηλάδή αγάπη και σπέρνει τον φόβο και «καλλιεργεί» στον κακομαθημένο αργό ελληνικό λαό την ανεύθηνη σκέψη ότι είναι θύμα άλλων ενώ κάνει εγκλήματα και αυτοκτονεί(πυρκαγιές, πολιτική, αδιαφορία, χυδαία δημοσιογραφία, άθλιες Πόλεις για όλα αυτά φταίνε άλλοι εμείς απλώς βλέπουμε τηλεόραση ε;) και εξευτελίζει τα δήθεν πολύτιμα πολιτισμικά του αγαθά τα οποία ανοίκουν στην ανθρωπότητα (ιδίως η Ορθοδοξία) και την οποία την κάνει Ι.Χ. απλώς για να χαιδεύεται και να λέει δίχως κόπο κι αγώνα ότι είναι «γεννημένος» σπουδαίος, τότε τι κάνεις; Κάνεις κακό και σπέρνεις σύγχιση. Είσαι εκτός θέματος.

    «…Εγώ δεν σας φιλώ γιατί δεν σας ξέρω !!! (χιούμορ )»

    Εγώ σας φιλώ πάντως, ίσως γιατί δε σας ξέρω( παρασύρθηκα μου φάνηκε έξυπνο οπότε κάνω και γω χιούμορ… )

  16. Kat said

    I find this frightening for a lot of reasons. I don’t think I need to tell you what they are. To me there doesn’t seem to be any real separation between legitimate programs and garbage.

  17. john papathansiou said


    Εξυπνα & πονηρά απαντάς ΑΛΛΑ τον μόνο φοβισμένο που ακούω… είσαιΕΣΥ.
    Δεν με «ενδιαφέρει» ούτε ο σιονισμός ούτε η ορθοδοξία και δεν
    χωριζω τους ανθρώπους βάση έθνους , χρώματος η θρησκείας . Στο διάολο να πάνε ολα αυτά. χαίρομαι όμως για εσένα που άφησες την ξύλινη γλώσσα του πρώτου κειμένου και απο τα σαλόνια..βρέθηκες στα αλώνια αλλά ακόμα και τώρα ψάχνεις τον Λιακόπουλο να κατηγορήσεις για οσα ανόητα κάνουμε εμείς οι Ελληνες.

    Δεν ψάχνω ούτε κυνηγάω φαντάσματα ( βαρίεμαι να τρέχω )
    Ούτε ψάχνω να κάνω κόντρες με οποιονδήποτε..έχω σοβαρότερα πράγματα να μην κάνω !!!

    Θα χαρώ παρα πολύ οταν αφήσεις τα γενικά και περάσεις στα ειδικά να καταλάβω γιατί ενας άνθρωπος που πρώτος σου λέει
    ΨΑΞΕ , ΕΡΕΥΝΑ , ΑΝ ΘΕΛΕΙΣ ΠΙΣΤΕΥΕΙΣ….σε ενοχλεί τόσο !!!
    Στο κάτω-κάτω ρε αδελφέ μην τον βλέπεις ( πόσο μάλλον να αγοράσεις και τα βιβλία του )

    Ερώτηση κρίσεως : Εισαι σίγουρος οτι τα βιβλία που αφορούν την ορθοδοξία η τις προφητείες (οπως λέει) δεν του τα δείνουν οι γεροντάδες ?

    Τι γνωρίζεις σχετικά με τα λεγόμενα χάλκινα βιβλία ?

    Οταν απαντήσεις σε αυτές τις 2 εύκολες ερωτήσεις και έχεις και κέφια τα ξαναλέμε.

    Κακογραμμένο η οχι. Αυτά «πήρα» να σου πω. Α !! Θέλω να μας δώσω
    και μια ηλίθια ευχή. Να ζούμε , να αγαπάμε και να μαθαινουμε.
    ΑNTE γιατί με το αλλό notebook κάνω download απο rapidshare το :
    ο καιρός γαρ εγγυς part 2!!! kai fragofonias epipleon

  18. john papathansiou said

    Σημείωση : Το όνομα και το επίθετο που βλέπετε είναι το πραγματικό
    κάθως και το e-mail που δεν βλέπετε johnnynpm@hotmail.com

    Tι λές τώρα stinathina θα γίνεις stinpatra !!! XIOYMOP Η Πάτρα έχει ωραίο καρναβάλι….Γάντι θα του πήγαινε του τριςκατάρατου
    του Λιακόπουλου ΧΙΟΥΜΟΡ 2 !

  19. stinathina said

    Γειά και χαρά σας! Χαιρετισμούς στον σεβαστό οικοδεσπότη μας. Κανείς δεν ψάχνει για κόντρες, ειδικά χαζές και άγονες όπου αισθάνεσαι ότι ο απέναντι δε καταλαβαίνει γιατί πράγμα του μιλάς.. :-)
    Χαιρετισμούς και πάλι!

  20. Xenos said

    AS has been repeatedly demonstrated (and emerged visibly in the Plevris trial) the majority of the Greek population does not accept the idea of constraints on freedom of speech — even when those constraints are enshrined in Greek and European laws. Why does this matter? For several very important reasons: (1) it means that Greece does not share the common European values that can be found in every other EU country; (2) it means that most Greeks do not respect law and order; (3) it means that children and young adults (whose opinions are currently being shaped) learn that you can say anything, do anything you like to minorities, immigrants and others who are not «like you». Taken together, these three implications are an international scandal for the country. Yet, people are claiming that racist propaganda on mainstream TV is no big deal. Think again: you are completely deluded.

  21. john papathansiou said

    θα σου απαντήσω αύριο.Τώρα παω για καφεδάκι στην Ν.Μάκρη

    Χαιρετισμούς και εγώ να δώσω στον οικοδεσπότη (δικαστή)
    και στα υπόλοιπα πρόσωπα.

    Όταν τον κάψετε…φωνάξτε : Κάτω οι μάγισες και οι μάγοι


  22. Abravanel said

    Xenos although you know of my views on racism and antisemitism in Greece and how these phenomenon are ignored and speaking about them is frowned upon, I must admit that you exaggerate on hastening to characterize Greece as a country lacking european values.

    Other countries like Italy are currently much more brutal towards vulnerable groups like the Roma (gypsies). Does this mean that Italy does not share common values found in all european countries? The difference between Greece and Italy is the fact that in Italy when someone speaks of such matters is not considered a traitor like in Greece, eg look at the Catholic Church condemning the recent actions against the Rom and speaking of a «fascist» government.

    It is us Greeks who should fight to change this attitude which annulifies our Constitution, not for the sake of the europeans but because we want to live in a true Democracy and in a State where the Law reigns. :)

    ps. John, the name’s abravanel and the story behind it is here, since you find it this hard to remember.

  23. Xenos said

    Abravanel: the big difference between Italy and Greece is that in Italy the current political regime (but not so much the state) is racist or even fascist and the population is at the very least divided on issues of racism. We might even argue that the overall population is less racist than the government. In Greece, the state (but not so clearly the government) is openly racist, and the general population and civil society is not very disturbed by it. In fact, Greek politicians frequently justify the appalling attitudes towards minorities and immigrants by reference to popular opinion. So, if in Italy we can talk of a popular controversy about racism, in Greece there is no controversy since the majority of the population endorse it.

    I insist on saying that Greek culture is inconsistent with European values. The Italian culture is more ambiguous, but even fascism is a part of European history. The Greek position is nothing to do with Europe, and more correctly belongs in the Balkans and Middle East. This racist part of Greek culture and history needs to be dropped rapidly, since it does not belong in Europe.

  24. Servitoros said


    Your comments are echoing the orientalist view as explained by Edward Said. The modern humanistic values of Western Europe vs the the barbaric orient of Greece, Balkan and the Middle East. Orientalism is strongly attached to racism, xenophobia and is highly patronising as it considers that the West must educate the barbarians living in the Orient. Racism, xenophobia and conservative bullshit are rooted in all societies. For example, the racist capital of Europe is located in Great Britain, a country that supposedly adopts your european values. However comparing to the situation in Greece, Belfast is a hellhole; religious terrorism, hate crimes, attacks on Asian Takeways, forceful evictions of immigrants (especially chinese) from their homes by loyalist gangs, threats to students who socialize with immigrants or people of different religious backgrounds.

  25. Xenos said


    I do not deny the barbaric acts of racial (and non-racial) violence that occur in the UK and elsewhere in Europe; nor do I deny that in terms of violence, Greece is one of the most peaceable countries in Europe. The point is a different one: how the mass of the population views outsiders and how the mass of the population relates to the law. THe offenders in Northern Europe are undereducated social misfits, for the most part; the offenders in Greece are the educated mainstream who simply refuse to accept the rule of law and the rights of minorities or immigrants.

    If you want to put it into an Orientalist framework, feel free to do so. I am not interested to pursue that point: my position is simply that Greece does not embrace the same values as Europe and does not respect the rule of law. I am not suggesting that the values of the scum of England should be the values of Greece — far from it. You do not disprove an argument by constructing a false logic around it, nor by attributing unconscious racism to its proponents. The fact is that racism exists everywhere, and in most of Europe is outlawed and in Greece is quite acceptable. This is the main point, and should be understood as the focal issue.

  26. john papathansiou said

    Abravanel το διάβασα αυτό που μου είπες και σε τιμά σαν άνθρωπο.
    Συγχώραμε αλλά είπες ανοήσιες..για την ακρίβεια μεγάλες ανοησίες
    στο τελευταίο σου αρθρο.
    Δεν καταλαβαίνω γιατί αισθάνεσθε οτι κάποιος σας κυνηγά
    Ετσι απαντάτε , ετσι φέρεστε.
    Θα σας ρώτησω κάτι και αμα γουστάρετε μου απαντάτε.
    Σας αρέσει…μεταξύ σας να λέτε πόσο όμορφοι και έξυπνοι είστε
    ή θέλετε και κάποιον που να λέει (μπορέι και κουταμάρες)το αντίθετο?
    Σας αρέσει να πέτατε ατάκες περί Ευρωπαικης κουλτουρας !!!!
    Αλήθεια..βρε xsene (και ξένος να μείνεις) ΠΌΤΕ Η ΕΥΡΩΠΗ ΑΠΕΚΤΗΣΕ
    ΚΟΥΛΤΟΥΡΑ ? are you crazy ? Για ποιες αξίες μιλάς ?
    Μπορεί η Ελλάδα να είναι χώρα γερόντων με ελάχιστη μόρφωση αλλά αυτό δεν κάνει ούτε την χώρα, ούτε αυτούς τους ανθρώπους να έχουν λιγότερες αξίες η κουλτούρα απο τους φίλου σου τους ευρωπαίους.
    Χsene η κομπλεξικός είσαι ή μεγάλο ψώνιο. Εσυ αποφασίζεις.
    Αν όλη σας η προσπάθεια να πειτε οτι στην Ελλάδα υπάρχει ρατσισμός ακούει στο όνομα ΛΑΟΣ και Καρατζαφέρης..τότε εισαστε αξιοι της μοίρας σας.Γιατί βλάκες και ηλίθοι υπάρχουν παντού.Εκει κατατάσω τον καρατζαφέρη και την ομάδα του.
    Σταμάτα να μπερδεύεις Abravanel(το ονομα σου το κάνω copy-paste !!!) τον Λιακόπουλο με τους άλλους ( άκου και εμενα )
    Η ώρα έχει πάει 02:34 ( δυνατός ο καφές ) καιρός να πάω για ύπνο.

  27. Abravanel said

    Δεν καταλαβαίνω γιατί αισθάνεσθε οτι κάποιος σας κυνηγά

    Κανείς δεν κυνηγά τους εβραίους και δεν υπάρχει αντισημιτισμός στην χώρα μας.

    Αν θα είχες την ευγενή καλοσύνη πες το και στον «Αντισημιτικό Πυρήνα Βενετοκλείου Ρόδου», σε ένα σημαντικό μέρος των φιλάθλων του ποδοσφαίρου της Ρόδου και στους αγνώστους που 3 μέρες κατέστρεφαν το Μνημείο και πιο πριν πετούσαν πέτρες στους εργάτες (που το κατασκεύαζαν) και τους έβριζαν. Γιατί έχω την εντύπωση ότι δεν το έμαθαν ακόμα.

    Πάντως αν διαβάσεις τις αναρτήσεις μου θα δεις ότι πάντα αναφέρω ότι αντισημιτισμός υπάρχει σε όλες τις χώρες και η Ελλάδα όντως δεν είναι μια βίαιη χώρα. Αυτό όμως που την κάνει να διαφέρει είναι η αδιαφορία της κοινωνίας απέναντι στο φαινόμενο και η κατανόηση που δείχνει απέναντι σε βίαια γεγονότα ή λόγο μίσους. Αυτά τα γεγονότα δημιουργούν ένα μείγμα που μπορεί να υπάρξει εκρηκτικό καθώς η ελληνική κοινωνία εκδυτικοποιείται (με την κακή έννοια του όρου) – ήδη έχουμε τα πρώτα δείγματα με την συστηματική κακοποίηση νόμιμων πακιστανών μεταναστών.

  28. Servitoros said


    Apart from orientalist views, it seems that you are also accept elitistic viewpoints by pointing that racism in the British society is solely an issue of the working class and the underclass. However your view is far from the truth. Firstly, political parties with racist and xenophobe views such as the UKIP, BNP and a wing of the Tories have large number of members belonging to the middle and upper middle class and have higher education backgrounds. Secondly, newspapers with racist views such as the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph are mainly read by middle and upper middle classes with higher education backgrounds. Thirdly, racists like Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Littlejohn, Melanie Johnson and Kelvin MacKenzie are free to express their racist and xenophobe views in the media with total contempt to the law, media which while are refraining from direct racism to ethnic minorities are happy to spread racism and use xenophobic stereotypes for other groups (such as Germans, French, Eastern European, Greeks, Spanish and Italians). Fourthly, the contempt to law is part of all societies, the high rates of benefit frauds in UK, other frauds, minor offences, employment tribunals wins and race cases seem to saw an equal view of ignoring the law in Great Britain. Even goverment bodies and local goverment ignoring the rule of law as it has been aknowledged by court cases and independent commissions, especially in cases where some of them have even been declared as institutionally racist.

  29. Xenos said


    I am very familiar with this style of Greek argument, which consists of focusing on other countries’ problems (with a very contentious analysis of them) and then proceeding to claim that Greece is exactly the same as other countries, maybe better. Anyone who knows these countries, who has actually lived in them, knows that this is not the case. Your determination to deny reality is typical of the Greek problem: instead of addressing real problems in Greece, the vast majority of Greeks deny that there are any problems, and persist in making arguments of the type that you make.

    As far as racism in mopst European countries is concerned, I insist that it is class-biased. You can have your opinion, but it is not shared by me and you have no hard evidence to back it up. Stating the names of a few individuals, who are hardly «strong» racists anyway, does not tell us about the society. This is the difference with Greece — a society where racial exclusion, intolerance of minorities and open racism are tolerated by all classes of Greeks and by the state itself. You are (presumably) living in a country called the UK where you have access to jobs, public benefits, social status with no restrictions other than occasional personal racist beliefs that might hinder you. In Greece, minorities and immigrants are stopped BY LAW from having rights, from access to state employment, from public benefits; in practice, the racism and exclusion is even worse. So, don’t start whining about how bad Britain is: Greece is a model country of strong racism and social exclusion. As a Greek you don’t know this, and it is clear that you don’t care either.

  30. Servitoros said


    What you suggest about the Greek arguement can easily transfer to any country including UK. You don’t know me and you make your own assumptions about my id, i am living in Greece and the the whole point about UK is that you might be British (as suggested by other posters) and therefore my example is made in order to be familar with it, i am interested in european issues and politics and i can give you similar examples for other european countries. Racism is strong in Greece, although i consider that sexism and homophobia are even worse but not a high priority in Greek politics as even the Greek Left that cares about immigration and xenophobia doesn’t give a toss about feminist and lgbt rights. As for the rights of immigrants in both Greece and UK as long as you are an EU citizen you are ok, if you are a citizen of a country outside the EU or an undocumented immigrant or an asylum seeker you are fucked up both by society and the state. As for the class biased racism in UK is laughable, i repeat again two words: Daily Mail. Greece is guilty for treating horrendously asylum seekers, however as the asylum seekers are mainly for Iraq and Afghanistan i am wondering whether the US and the UK ever take responsibility about the effects of the wars that they were involved in. As for the hard evidence can you point which of my statements are false.

  31. Xenos said

    Servitoros: you mix up a lot of different issues and confuse yourself with them. The Greek argument does NOT transfer to other countries, which is why I keep repeating this to you. The rights of EU nationals in Greece are as limited as the Greek state can get away with, and do not compare with the rights of Greeks in most other EU countries. The endorsement of racism by major TV channels in Greece has no parallel in the UK — which is what this posting is supposed to be about. It is not possible to imagine somebody like Liakopoulos getting major tv shows on British or other EU television (maybe Italy is possible). As I have repeatedly stated, I agree that racism exists worldwide: the differences relate to (a) how the state deals with it; and (b) how the educated or political elite deals with it. It is in these two respects that Greece fails miserably.

  32. offshore said

    Βρίσκω τα επιχειρήματά σου πολύ εύστοχα, ειδικά αυτά που λες για το σεξισμό. Επίσης θαυμάζω την στωικότητά σου.

  33. Abravanel said

    In Greece, minorities and immigrants are stopped BY LAW from having rights, from access to state employment, from public benefits;

    I would to precise that Jewish Greeks officially do not suffer limitations of their rights by law – Greece has changed much of the old legislation the past 5 years which limited elementary stuff like building a synagogue without written permission by the local Christian Orthodox Metropolite. Invisible barriers like the one forbidding Jews to access the military or the political life and the widespread and embedded antisemitism are the ones who currently do the damage – not the legislation.

  34. Servitoros said


    Regarding Liakopoulos, telenationalism is a unique greek phenomenon related to greek nationalism in the 1990s, the development of private television and regional tv channels in Greece and the absence of regulation regarding tv sales and infomercials. None of these events appear in other European countries and therefore the existence of a person like Liakopoulos in another country is impossible.

  35. john papathansiou said

    Ευτηχώς που κάποια πράγματα εδω στην Ελλάδα είναι μοναδικά !!!
    και αδύνατα να συμβούν σε άλλες χώρες.
    Σταματήστε επιτέλους την καραμέλα των συγκρισεων και σταματήστε
    να θέλετε να αλλάξετε τα πράγματα όταν οι περισσότεροι απο εμας ούτε τον ίδιο μας τον εαυτό δεν μπορούμε να κάνουμε καλύτερο.
    Τέρμα η ψευτό-κουλτούρα και τα ωραία λόγια.
    Διαβάσατε ενα βιβλίο ιστορίας ή ενα βιβλίο κοινωνιολογίας και νομίζετε οτι ειστε μάγκες.
    Μίλατε για τον Λιακόπουλο και ανάλυετε…αναλύετε…
    Βλέπετε που ολοι ειμαστε το ίδιο Έλληνες με τους Ελληνες.
    Ετσι και αυτοι (οι Ελληνες) ολημερίς αναλύουν και ουσία μηδέν.
    Δεν σας φταιει ο Λιακόπουλος…οι γκόμενες που δεν σας κάθοντε
    και η μίζερη ζωη που κάνετε…για να μην πω και τίποτα άλλο.
    Σηκωθείτε απο κρεβάτια , καναπέδες , καρέκλες και σε οτι αλλό κάθεστε ή καβαλάτε και μην ψάχνετε ομοιότητες ή διαφορές σε ανθρώπους ή χώρες.Σταματάτε να κρίνετε με τουπε και βλακεία και
    κάντε και τίποτα πιο χρήσιμο στην ζωή σας.

  36. […] εν τέλει πως ο Λιακόπουλος θα είναι στον ΑΝΤ1 την επόμενη σεζόν; Θα παρουσιάζει λέει μεταμεσονύκτια εκπομπή με […]

  37. john papathansiou said

    Μάλλον ναι. Απο οτι έχω ακούσει μεταμεσονύχτια εκπομπή θα κάνει
    με θέμα : «Πώς ενας γυμνός Λ (ΕΛΟΧΙΜ)…κυνηγά μέχρις εσχάτων
    μια παρθένα…ΝΕΦΕΛΙΜ»

    Μην το χάσεις…θα χάσεις (Ελπίζω να διαθέτεις..και..χιουμορ)

  38. john papathansiou said




  39. D.H.C said

    Abravanel or dracumel or whatever . Greek Jewry or any other jewry dont need you or anyone else to prove their worth . Their worth is inherent and cannot be taken away , nor characterised by words . I dont need to prove anything to you or anyone else . I am a Jew and i am proud of it .

  40. ΝΙΚΟΣ said


  41. […] Greek Insurance Claims (and jewish greed)Rosh Hashana – Εβραϊκή ΠρωτοχρονιάInfamous D.Liakopoulos strikes a deal with Antenna TVNeo-nazi group urinates on the Shoah Memorial in Rhodes – a video (Updated 25/8)How to insult a […]

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