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On Alex

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 26/09/2008

Alex Meschisvili was an 11 year old kid from Georgia murdered on February 2006 in the small greek town of Veria. Four children, (3 greek, 1 rumanian and 1 albanian), were arrested on the suspicion that they murdered Alex while their parents are also accused of harboring them and maybe occulting the cadaver. It has been reported that his school officials ignored the claims of his mother that he was being bullied and there are serious reasons to believe that the police acted sloppily enough to give grounds to suspicions that either it wished to cover up, or it failed to exercise due diligence due to the identity of Alex. Also the lack of testimonies and any information appears unusual for greek standards, especially given the fact that indeed some must exist since the initial kickoff for solving the case was made by an anonymous tip to a greek TV program dealing with missing persons.

Until now we have a disgusting – unfortunately all too common – case of child criminality. It is also not uncommon for parents to attempt to subtract their children from the consequences of their actions. There are dozens and dozens of cases all around Europe of children killing other children and racist motivations have often surfaced behind these cases. All these suspicions are not a greek peculiarity and racial prejudice entering the police department is all to familiar in the USA. But what is different in Greece was the denial to deal with the actual problem and the denial at all costs to acknowledge that while the crime may not have had racial motives, the indifference after it might indeed had because he was not one of «us», ie greek.

Everybody is to blame according to the media and public opinion, the society (not pinpointing specific persons – God forbid!), the educational system, capitalism, «social causes», modernity… Hell even the Jews managed to get involved in a revival of the Blood Libel by Ioannis Fourakis, the spiritual father of all conspiracy theories fanatics like D.Liakopoulos or LAOS parliamentarian K.Velopoulos. (the haste of these people to create confusion and try to introduce conspirationism should serve as an answer to those who still claim that Alex was just another victim of «ordinary» criminality and hate plays no role). Never were discussed the actual responsibilities of the school teachers and of the police, the indifference of the Parent Association and of the city until the matter acquired publicity and how prejudice might have played a role. Still the stance of some courageous persons in the city of Veria must be praised and at least now the city’s institutions have tried to speak up.

I, too, would like to express my solidarity with the mother of Alex and hope that this case shall bring justice and some peace in a destroyed family. I hope it shall also serve to understand that justice is not an abstract idea and individual responsibility is a concept to be taken seriously in our society – especially in the cases where hate is involved and indifferently if it was because Alex was a foreigner, or because simply he was a sensitive kid and an easy target. If not, results such as Alex’s fate after his murder will become more common and next time the victim or the perpetrator might not be a foreigner but your or mine child.

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  1. Νίκος said

    Τι λέει ο άνθρωπος;! Δηλαδή οι Ισραηλινοί που φύγαν από τη Γάζα μετακόμισαν όλοι στη βόρεια Ελλάδα και μόνο αυτός το πήρε χαμπάρι;!; Μπήκα από περιέργεια στον ιστότοπό του και διάβασα απίστευτα πράγματα… Highlights από μια συνέντευξή του σε περιοδικό …μεταφυσικής:

    1. «Οὐρά ἔχουν οἱ περισσότεροι Ἄγγλοι. Κανονική οὐρά!»
    2. «-Τί κάνουν τελικά οἱ γύφτοι μέ τούς νεκρούς τους; -Τούς τρῶνε!»
    3. «Βρεῖτε ἕναν γύφτο φαλακρό καί τά λέμε.»
    4. «Ἄγγλοι καί γύφτοι εἶναι ἕνα καί τό αὐτό! Προέρχονται ἀπό τήν ἴδια ρίζα.»
    5. «Τό σημαντικό εἶναι ὅτι οἱ Ἄγγλοι ἔχουν διαφορετικές χημικές ἐνώσεις ἀπό τούς ἀνθρώπους…»

    Μα πώς τα λέει και δε γελάει;…

  2. Abravanel said

    Δηλαδή οι Ισραηλινοί που φύγαν από τη Γάζα μετακόμισαν όλοι στη βόρεια Ελλάδα

    Αυτό αποτελεί το τελευταίο hit και ξεκίνησε μάλλον την εποχή του Νομάρχη Χανίων και των απειλών του ενάντια στο Εβραϊκό Κεφάλαιο. Εχει ακουστεί για την Κρήτη, την Κύπρο και την Μακεδονία.

    Και επίσης σεβασμός στον κ.Φουράκη – είναι ο εφευρέτης της Ομάδας Εψιλον και πνευματικός πατέρας των σύγχρονων συνωμοσιολόγων. Αλλωστε έχει εμφανιστεί στο Alter καλεσμένος του κ.Χαρδαβέλα και εκδοθεί από τον σταρ του Ομίλου Αντέννα κ.Λιακόπουλο.

  3. Athanasios Ioannou said

    Το προβλημα που εχουν ωρισμενοι Ελληνες με τους Εβραιους συμπολιτες τους εχει να κανει απο την μια μερια με την προβολη που απολαμβανουν τα διαφορα περιθωριακα και μη στοιχεια, που προωθουν αντισημητικες γνωμεις, φημες, υποθεσεις και δοξασιες, απο τους διαφορους φορεις της δημοσιας ενημερωσης και απο την αλλη μερια απο την μορφη που παιρνει αυτη η προβολη. Η προβολη οχι μονο γινεται πολες φορες μεσα απο τα καθιερωμενα ΜΜΕ αλλα και συνηθως περναει χωρις καμια σοβαρη αντιπαραθεση και χωρις ουσιαστικο αντιλογο, εκτος, ενιοτε, απο το ΚΙΣ. Αυτο, βεβαια, προωθει και ενισχυει τον «εμεις οι ‘καθαροαιμοι Ελληνες’ και αυτοι οι υποπτης προελευσης υποτιθεμενοι Ελληνες» διαχωρισμο των Ελληνων Εβραιων απο τους υπολοιπους (Χριστιανους κατ’ ονομα) Ελληνες. Δεν αρκει το επισημο κρατος και οι επιφανεις πολιτες του, οι πολιτικοι, οι διανουμενοι, οι καλλιτεχνες, οι δημοσιογραφοι, οι επιστημονες, απλα μην κανουν αντισημιτικες δηλωσεις (που, δυστυχως, μερικοι απ’ αυτους ακομα δεν εχουν καταφερει να αποφευγουν). Πρεπει να αντιδρουν ενεργα στον αντισημιτισμο, ιδιαιτερα οταν ξεμυταει παραεξω απο τις σκοτεινες τρυπες των συνωμοσιολογων και κανει την εμφανιση του κατω απο απλετο φως στην τηλεοραση, στις ‘εγκυρες’ εφημεριδες, στην τοπικη αυτοδιοικηση και στο κοινοβουλιο. Γιατι αν (επιεικως) δεχτουμε οτι οι περισσοτεροι Ελληνες απλως εχουν αγνοια η ειναι θυματα παραπληροφορησης σε οτι αφορα τους Εβραιους συμπολιτες τους, τοτε γινεται ακομα πιο φανερο ποση σημασια εχει η σωστη πληροφορηση και η αντιπαραθεση στην παραπληροφορηση απο εκεινους που οι πολιτες εμπιστευονται και σεβονται.

  4. linktothepast said

    Δεν νομίζω ότι η συγκεκριμένη περίπτωση είναι περίπτωση ρατσιστικής επίθεσης λόγω διαφορετικής καταγωγής. Άλλωστε ούτε οι ίδιοι οι κατηγορούμενοι είναι όλοι Έλληνες, άρα το να τον επιτεθούν γιατί δεν είναι Έλληνας δεν νομίζω πως στέκει.

    Να τον επιτεθούν γιατί ήταν διαφορετικός χαρακτήρας από αυτούς, το κοινό «νταηλίκι» μάλλον είναι το πιθανότερο σενάριο, εφόσον βέβαια το κάναν αυτά και δεν μπλέχτηκε κανένας ενήλικας.

  5. Abravanel said

    @ Athanasios Ioannou:
    Προσυπογράφω το σύνολο του σχολίου – το πρόβλημα δεν είναι τόσο ο αντισημιτισμός, όσο η απουσία αντιδράσεων ενάντια του και η αποδοχή του στην κοινωνία.

    @ linktothepast :
    Μα και στο άρθρο δηλώνω οτι το ίδιο πιστεύω και εγώ για τα κίνητρα της επίθεσης. Το πρόβλημα εντοπίζεται στο τι συνέβη μετά, τα λάθη της Ελληνικής Αστυνομίας και την αντίδραση της κοινωνίας μόνο όταν «βγήκε στα κανάλια».

  6. linktothepast said

    Α συγνώμη, ήμουν κουρασμένος όταν διάβασα το άρθρο ταχέως βραδιάτικα, το μάτι μου πήρε το «because he was not one of “us”, ie greek», χωρίς να διαβάσω καλά ότι προηγούνταν.

    Αλλά και σε αυτό να σχολιάσω ότι δεν το πιστεύω, ότι υπήρξε αδιαφορία επειδή είναι ξένος. Και την αντίδραση της κοινωνίας όταν βγήκε στα κανάλια την βλέπω ως αποτέλεσμα αποξένωσης και έλλειψης επικοινωνίας με τον διπλανό μας, λίγα πράγματα γνωρίζουμε και πολλά μάλλον τα έμαθαν από τα κανάλια. Και δυστυχώς έτσι αντιδράμε σε ένα σωρό θέματα.

  7. The Jewish comunity of Greece is one of the oldest in Europe and its beginning starts in during the period of 250-200 BCE. Paul spoke in the Athens Synagogue and not in Pnyx, as the late Pope John Paul II thought. Paul visited synagogues in Veroia, Philippous (Kavala), Thessaloniki, Athens and Corinth. These Jewish communities of these cities are known as Romaniote. Later on in the 14th century CE Jewish refuges emigrated from Spain and Portugal and they settled in Thessaloniki, Trikala, Volos and Larisa. The later Jews are known as Sephardi Jews and they brought with them their customs and language, the Ladino (Judeo-Spanish. Thessaloniki on the eve of WWII had the greatest Sephardi population of the world and the city was known as madre d’ Israel. A large number of Jews were living in Crete during the 16th -18th century CE and Chania was known as the city of great rabbis and famous Jewish scholars. As a matter of fact the Jewish Quarter of Chania had two synagogues, one was destroyed in 1941 and the other is rededicated and functional thanks to the tireless efforts of Nikos Stavroulakis. The ethnic Greek and Greek Jewish communities were living peacefully for many years. Of course they were instances for argument because both communities were engaged in trade but the majority of ethnic Greeks helped their Jewish friends during the hard years of the Nazi occupation. The Greek Army archives have the names of a large number of officers and soldiers of the Greek army of Jewish faith. The traitors and collaborators escaped from Justice thanks to Greek Communist Party and its leaders because they initiated the civil war (1944-1949). What was done with the Jewish cemeteries in Thessaloniki is unacceptable. PERIOD. Unfortunately, even now, things seem to be difficult to repair. The Mayor of Thessaloniki emulates the brain of an idiot and the Nomarch unfortunately stands on two feet instead of four, as it would more fair to the citizens of the area. I am not going to deal with the cemeteries issue because Abravanel has done a great report and I endorse his ideas but I would like to say a few words about the racist parasites. Antisemitism was brought to Greece by the late Andreas Papandreou. Parasites like Karatzaferis, Voridis, Plevris, Fourakis, Liakopoulos and the rest are the by-products of the official kiss of Papandreou to Arafat,the father of modern terrorism. The time has come for all Greeks to understand that Greece and Israel have to be close allies. Greek authorities must help for the revitalization of the Jewish communities of Greece. It is shameful nine out of ten residents of Thessaloniki not to know what Villa Bianca and Modiano are, where is the Square of Jewish Martyrs, where were the Jewish cemeteries and so many other things. Holocaust must be taught in schools. Ancient Athenians had a synagogue in Agora. I have asked repeatedly tour guides to tell me where the ancient synagogue was and they keep sending me to Melidoni St. Many things need repair in Greece but the antisemitic rhetoric must come to an end. It should become a criminal offense and be punished with a severe penalty because it is disrespectful of the most peaceful and fun-loving community living in Greece today. All these idiots who preach antisemitism must visit Dachau, Auschwitz and at the end Yad Vashem. I am a proponent of a Holocaust Museum in Athens.

  8. Abravanel said

    While I wholeheartedly endorse many of your statements I would like to make clear that I do not think it’s correct to link the relations between Greece and Israel with the condition of the Jewish Communities in Greece and how greek citizens are treated by their own country. Also the notion that the Communist party is responsible that collaborationists eluded and elude justice is wrong – firstly because for better or worse the Communist Party during WW2 helped the Jews (albeit not in the extent that is often portrayed) and second because in cases like Thessaloniki collaboration with the germans was so extensive that we cannot possible place responsibilities to a hunted political party after the war. This fact does not condone the current rhetoric of the contemporary Communist Party which in the past targeted the Jews of Greece in a physically violent manner and often «daring» to express themselves in ways that even the most ardent Far-Right wouldn’t dare..

    Unfortunately antisemitism has been plague to humanity for centuries and we cannot pinpoint to a single person being responsible – we can only judge a politician to the extent that he contributed to the climate of hate or fought against it; A.Papandreou indeed through his words often allowed antisemitism to flourish and contributed to a climate of fear. Given these remarks I repeat that I also hope that Greece understands that Greek Jewry is part of the greek nation and if «greekness» indeed exists then it’s about including and not excluding. Antisemitism is not just hate towards the Jews but a plague that turns greeks against greeks and historically has been the telltale sign that democracy is being targeted.

  9. Athanasios Ioannou said

    Mr. Papadantonakis,
    I think it is quite wrong to argue that «Antisemitism was brought to Greece by the late Andreas Papandreou». There are instances as far back as the War of Greek Independence when Jewish (and Turkish) communities were killed by the insurgents; in Tripoli in 1821 the Greek insurgents, led by Theodoros Kolokotronis, wiped out the town’s entire Jewish population. Arguably these actions were not motivated by what we recognize as antisemitism in its modern form, rather the insurgents were prepared to get rid of anyone who was not Greek Orthodox and did not side with the insurgency, in other words it was simply good, old-fashioned «ethic cleansing». However, in the 1920s and 1930s, especially in Macedonia and in Thessaloniki, in particular, anti-Jewish antipathy turned into recognizable antisemitism, often coupled with anti-communism («Bolsheviks are members of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy for domination» type of thinking, not dissimilar to the present day arguments that «proponents of the New World order are members of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy for domination»). As for the German collaborators who managed to escape justice after WWII, those to blame for this are not the communists but the official conservative Greek state, which turned a blind eye when those people redefined themselves as «ethnikofrones» and allowed them to join in the fight against the communist insurgency. Also, people like Plevris were active before Andreas became prime minister. In the 1960s and 1970s Plevris was the editor of the blatantly antisemitic newspaper «4th August», which was rather ironic considering that Metaxas was certainly a disagreeable character but not an antisemite, at least not as far as public policy was concerned. I don’t mean to absolve Papandreou of his multitude of public and private sins, like his shameless pandering to the (active or latent) anti-Amricanism, anti-Europeanism and, yes, antisemitism of his supporters, but it is quite a stretch to argue that he is responsible for introducing behaviors and attitudes which have existed in Greece since it became an independent country.

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