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Infamous D.Liakopoulos strikes a deal with Antenna TV

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 20/08/2008

For some time now it has been rumored that Dimosthenis Liakopoulos, a TV salesman specializing in selling apocryphistic books – full of conspiracy theories, «Hellenic Truth» and good ol’anti-jewish hate speech, was close in making the leap from the tenths of small local TV stations where he currently appears to a big national TV channel.

Well it’s now a fact: the man who created a ludicrous parallel mythology where the greek race of the El fights against the zionist Nefelim & contemporaneously warns us of the evil Satan-induced zionism, appears regularly in Antenna TV whose ratings place him first or second place among national tv stations. Information (1, 2 in Cyprous also) says that he’ll manage the 2am-4am zone of the station with complete editorial freedom, but as the picture shows he has already began.

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