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All quiet in Pignetto, (also except some Pakistani)

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 28/05/2008

I always keep telling that Greece is not an exceptionally violent country and racism in this country is widespread but not as virulent towards individuals like other places, namely some European nations. But I always stress the fact that there is absolutely no opposition to the existent racism and contemporaneously there is an opposition to any mentioning of a problem. Plus that these phenomenon keep worsening because of the general «evolution» of the greek society which acquires the characteristics of other western societies for the good and for the bad.

An example of this trend is the evolving violent opposition to immigrants. Just a couple of posts ago I had written about the beating of members of the Pakistani Community in Athens by pigs that had invaded their mosque holding sticks and rocks. This was just one incident in a series of attacks that the Pakistani Community had to endure this year amidst the almost total indifference of greek civil society and especially the political world, (only a comittee of Synaspismos issued a statement, although other violent attacks in the past had drawn some localized demonstrations).

A friend of the blog recently contacted me on a similar incident that happened in Rome, Italy. On Saturday 24/5 a group of other pigs, with their faces covered, invaded an area in Rome called Pignetto inhabited by immigrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They smashed the shops of two ethnic food stores and a call center, all run by immigrants of Bangladesh and Pakistan; fortunately they did not hurt a single person. Until this moment what we have is the replica of the incident at Rendi, Athens which I had written about, (with the exception that beating immigrants themselves in Athens is of course much worse, let alone comparing the mosque to shops). But here is how the things in Greece and Italy begin to differ: Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

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