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Problem with spam control

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 11/11/2007

Akismet, which controls spam, seems to be having some trouble. I may see the number of spam stopped increasing but I don’t see anything appearing on the Akismet mod queue to review if it’s really spam or not. If you did comment and you don’t see you comment appearing please email me – thanks and sorry. :(

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  1. I have the same issue and posted about it a while ago but just to say that Askimet rarely gets it wrong. I have checked through 1000’s of spam messages and I think I only ever found one that was a mistake. I don’t even check now. I just hit delete!

    Make sure you set your url limit. If you set it (like I do) to 1 and you get a lot of comments with more than one url link in it, Askimet will identify that as spam…

    Hope this helps…welcome to the big time ;-)

  2. abravanel said

    I must admit that until now Akismet had done pretty well. It’s just that I hate having no control over things that get deleted, especially since in theory I should have the chance to review them first.

    In any case thanks for the tip! :)

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