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A jew from Mogadisho

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 13/04/2007

Just grabbed my attention, a jew living in Somalia! The boy’s name is Avraham and is 19 years old. It is interesting to see how a jew copes in such a tormented country, plus one gets a direct peep on what it means living in a war-zone.

Other than having to stay inside on Friday, day of prayer for muslims, because of the social pressure for non-muslims it was also interesting/abhorring to see how things like a rape of a woman get treated. A small excerpt:

But the big news in mogadisho today is the women who said she was raped by two ethiopian force. she is all over the news channel. she said they abused her beat her, then raped her, and then they trow her naked in outside of mogadisho. I am actually suprised that she is giving intervjues on tv and her name is out in the public. even her husband is on the news channels and giving intervjue as well.. one thing is sure no one will ever forget her, she will be stamped as «the women who have been raped by ethiopian» one other that is funny too is, is that since most somali people think that international force will bring aids and Hiv to somalia, the women who got raped have already shown symthops of hiv and aids (she got it from the ethipians) is all over on city.

Visit him here -> http://avrahamshanshi.blogspot.com

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