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The Jews of Ioannina on Sky TV

Posted by Abravanel, the Blog στο 20/02/2008

Bundarchives,Koblenz GermanyΝέοι Φάκελοι/New Folders is a television program in Greece which presents various documentaries on current and past issues pertaining greek interest. On Jan 29 they broadcasted a 16min documentary on the destiny of the Jews of Ioannina during the Holocaust/Shoah. It hosted testimonies of survivors of the camps, interviews of christian and jewish greeks, photos of the actual deportation as it was immortalised by the Propaganda Office of the German Army and included the prickly issue of the post war problems that Ioanniote jews faced after the return from the camps.

The documentary was exquisite and is now available in viewing on the internet – I warmly recommend you to see it even if you don’t understand greek!

The site of Νέοι Φάκελοι/New Folders. (greek)

The actual video of the documentary. (greek)

The greek transcript.

Among the things I have in my drafts is a small presentation of the jewish community of Ioannina – one of the best sources for more extensive information can be found by visiting the site of Kehila Kedosha Jannina. It was built by jewish greeks of romaniote descent in 1927 and hosts extensive information the history of the Community and it’s fate during the Holocaust – it also has a selection of the photos of the actual deportation as mentioned on the documentary.

5 Σχόλια προς “The Jews of Ioannina on Sky TV”

  1. Kat said

    A – Did you see this?


  2. Abravanel said

    Nope, thanks though for pointing this out. :)

    Personally I feel that the already existing hate-speech laws could serve well but there isn’t neither the political will, nor pressure from the society to deal with them. Plus I must note ,with all due respect to Mr.Papoulias, that his political past doesn’t quite convince me on him actually caring for the greek-jewish community any other time than when he meets foreign jewish delegations.

  3. Right on both points Abravanel.

    But it gets worse.

    After they met with Papoulias they went to the Unknown Soldier monument to commemorate the Holocaust along with their invited guests, who included LAOS!

  4. Abravanel said

    The whole disappointing issue of how the greek-jewish leadership deals with antisemitism and it’s followers in Greece is a long and sad chapter.

    Let’s say that not all of us in the community agree with it and personally find unacceptable their presence.

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